About The Bend

Our History

“The Bend” area got its name in the early 20th century from the bend in the road at 3rd and Kenosha made necessary by the nearby railroad tracks. The area really got its start around 1920 when the current buildings were constructed and downtown Tulsa began to stretch east.

While lively for years, the area eventually fell into decline for decades. So much so that in the 80s its boarded up buildings were chosen by Francis Ford Coppola as a filming location for Rumblefish (the scene where Motorcycle Boy crashes literally at the bend in the road).

Just as Downtown Tulsa as a whole has seen a resurgence, The Bend has become a vibrant community once again. With businesses, tenants and nightlife it’s a great place to spend time with friends, a date or to call home.


Get to know our unique spot in Downtown Tulsa.